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402 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY the appropriate section) can be carried out immediately for carbo- hydrates and aliphatic hydroxy-acids. Furthermore, Tests D-L need not necessarily be carried out in the order given. As elementary students often experience difficulty with the interpretation of Test D, it is often convenient to relegate it to a lower position in the order of Tests. Derivatives. The precise identification of a compound normally depends upon the preparation of a derivative and the determination of physical constants such as m.p. in the case of a solid. Many simple compounds can, however, be identified with a fair degree of certainty by intelligently-selected qualitative tests alone, e.g., formates, oxalates, succinates, lactates, tartrates, chloral hydrate. In general, derivatives should be easily-prepared crystalline solids with sharp In this book no attempt has been made to describe derivatives which go beyond the theoretical knowledge that a student of this standard might be
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