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404 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY acids, ammonium salts and alkali salts of all acids, methyl esters of certain acids (e.g., formic, oxalic, succinic, tartaric), ethyl tartrate, some aliphatic amides (including urea) and imides (e.g., succini- mide), lower aliphatic nitriles, lower aliphatic acid chlorides (with hydrolysis), mono- and di-saccharides, hexamethylene-tetramine, lower aliphatic amines, pyridine, salts of amines, glycine. (b) Almost insoluble in cold water. Higher alcohols (including benzyl alcohol), higher phenols (e.g., naphthols), metaformalde- hyde, paraldehyde, aromatic aldehydes, higher ketones (including acetophenone), aromatic acids, most esters, ethers, oxamide and aromatic amides, sulphonamides, aromatic imides, aromatic nitriles, aromatic acid anhydrides, aromatic acid chlorides, sulphonyl chlor- ides, starch, aromatic amines, anilides, tyrosine, cystine, nitro- compounds, uric acid, halogeno-hydrocarbons, hydrocarbons. (c) Acid reaction in aqueous solution,
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