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406 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Elements present Substances Section Page C.H.[O].S Alkali bisulphite compound of 12, 13 341, 345 (a) aldehyde, (b) ketone Sulphonic acids. 14(6) 353 C.H.[O].S.Halogen Aryl sulphonyl chlorides 14(8) 354 C.H.[O].N.S Salts of amines and nitro- 20,23(C) 372, 387 amines with H 2 SO 4 . (Note. The SO 4 radical can be tested for di- rectly in solution with HCl-)- BaCl 2 ). Amino-aromatic sulphonic acid 22(C) 384 (sulphanilic acid) Cystine 22(A) 380 Nora—i. If C and H only have been detected and the substance is soluble in water, then O must also be present. 2. If C, H, and a halogen (but no nitrogen) have been detected, and the substance is freely soluble in (or readily hydrolysed by) cold water, then O must also be present. 3« It should be noted that only representative substances are indicated in the above list. Substituted derivatives of the compounds in most classes may be encountered, e.g., nitrobenzoic acid in the aromatic carboxyiic acids (p. 347). This acid will contain CH(O)N, but the salient properties are still those of a
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