Organic 2 Review Problem 425

Organic 2 Review - R EACTIONS A ND I DENTIFICATION 4 09 Green coloration Catechol(colour rapidly darkens[Aniline(pale green o-toluidine(pale green

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Unformatted text preview: R EACTIONS A ND I DENTIFICATION 4 09 (/) Green coloration. Catechol (colour rapidly darkens). [Aniline (pale green), o-toluidine (pale green initially), monomethy!aniline, and d iphenylamine, each in dil. HCl.] (g) Bluish precipitate. i-Naphthylamine. K. Treat with 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine reagent (pp. 263, 334). Yellow or orange-yellow precipitates given by most aldehydes and ketones. L. Treat with hydroxylamine and ferric chloride (pp. 334, 353). Violet or red colorations given particularly by esters. Deep colorations also given by acid chlorides, acid anhydrides and by some acid amides (usually aliphatic) and by a few of the simpler anilides. On pp. 410-415 Tables are given showing some of the p roperties of the s impler members of c ertain classes of o rganic compounds. These tables should b e u seful t o the e lementary student working w ith a l imited range o f c ompounds. I t m ust b e e mphasised that these tables serve primarily to summarise some of the detailed d escriptions given in the foregoing sections, and should be used when the s tudent is f amiliar w ith these sections. Tables I V-XXVIII ( pp. 560-561) record the of crystalline derivatives of a m uch wider range of compounds, and are intended primarily f or the more advanced student. ...
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