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QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 419 UL Meanwhile, the organic compound can be prepared for analysis whilst the sealed end C (Fig. 72) of the Carius tube has been cooling down. For this purpose, thoroughly clean and dry a small tube, which is about 6 cm. long and 8-io mm. wide. Weigh it carefully, supporting it on the balance pan either by means of a small stand of aluminium foil, or by a short section of a perforated rubber stopper (Fig. 73 (A) and (B) respectively): alternatively the tube may be placed in a small beaker on the balance pan, or suspended above the pan by a small hooked wire girdle. Place in the tube sufficient organic compound to give subsequently about 0-3 g. of the silver halide, and weigh again. Now allow the small tube to slide carefully down ~~ the inclined Carius tube until P it finally adopts the position IG ' 73 ' shown in D (Fig. 72). If the compound readily loses halogen in the presence of nitric fumes, the Carius tube should first be rotated in an oblique position to wet the tube for about io cm. from the bottom: the
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