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422 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY mass at the bottom of the beaker: for silver chloride and bromide 20-30 minutes* boiling is usually sufficient for this purpose, but for silver iodide at least 2\ hours' boiling (with occasional addition of more water) is required to ensure complete decomposition of a stable addition product of silver iodide and nitrate. Then cool the solution, and filter, wash and weigh the silver halide by any of the standard methods of gravimetric analysis: the most usual method is to filter the solution through a weighed Gooch crucible, wash the contents thoroughly with very diluie nitric acid, and then dry the crucible in an oven at 130°. The value obtained for the percentage of halogen should be within ± 0-2 of the theoretical value. ESTIMATION OF HALOGENS IN LIQUID ORGANIC COMPOUNDS. If the liquid is of high boiling-point and not deliquescent, it may be weighed in the small tube precisely as for solid compounds. The tube may be corked during the two weighings, but in this case great care should be taken to place the liquid
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