Organic 2 Review Problem 439

Organic 2 Review - QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 423 be s ubsequently weighed w ith the silver h alide in the c rucible is t hus known Example of

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QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 423 be subsequently weighed with the silver halide in the crucible, is thus known. Example of Calculation. Estimation of Cl in chloral hydrate. 0*1872 g. chloral hydrate gave 0-4856 g. silver chloride Factor for Cl in AgCl, 0-2474. (Table III, p. 531.) .'. 0-1872 g. chloral hydrate contains 0-4856 X 0-2474 £• chlorine , . . , , . 0-4856 X 0-2474 x ioo . . . ioo g. chlora) hydrate contain g. chlorine 0-1872 - 64-16% Theoretical for C 2 H 3 Cl 3 O 2 ; 64-33% chlorine. Estimation of Halogens, Carius's Method. Semi-micro Scale. For a description of the Carius Method on a semi-micro scale, see pp. 502. et seq. Estimation of Sulphur. Carius's Method. Principle. A known weight of the substance is heated with fuming nitric acid in a sealed tube, the organic material being oxidised to carbon dioxide and water, and the sulphur to sulphuric acid. The latter is subsequently washed out of the tube, precipitated as barium sulphate, and estimated as such The method is general for all organic compounds, although some
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