Organic 2 Review Problem 442

Organic 2 Review Problem 442 - refluxing up to a level aa....

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426 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY chlorotoluene (156°), aniline (184°), nitrobenzene (210°), i-chloro- naphthalene (260°) and i-bromonaphthalene (281°). Finally add a few fragments of unglazed porcelain to the liquid in J to ensure smooth steady boiling. FIG. 76. Thoroughly clean and dry the tube T, blowing air through a long piece of quill tubing to the lower end of T to ensure complete removal of any organic liquid remaining from a previous determination. Place a small quantity of clean dry sand at the bottom of T, and adjust the tube in position within the jacket J. Close the top of T securely with a rubber stopper S, and place the end of the tube D in the trough of water W, omitting at this stage the tube C. Now boil the liquid in J until it is
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Unformatted text preview: refluxing up to a level aa. The air in T expands and escapes through D: allow the boiling to continue steadily so that eventually the expansion of the air is complete and no more bubbles escape from the end of D. Meanwhile clean, dry and weigh a small bottle.B made specially for this purpose: it has a ground-glass stopper, and a capacity of about 0-5 ml. Then by means of a fine dropping-tube, place about 0-2 ml. of the organic liquid in the bottle and weigh again. Fill the calibrated tube C with water and invert it in the trough W over the end of D. After loosening the stopper, quickly drop the bottle B down the tube T,...
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