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QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 427 where its fall is broken by the sand below: at once replace firmly the rubber stopper S at the top of T. The liquid in B rapidly volatilises at the bottom of the tube T, the stopper being thrown off, and bubbles of air escape from D into the tube C. Continue boiling the liquid in J steadily until no more bubbles escape into C. Then carefully slip the end of D from under the tube C, close the end of C securely with the finger, and then transfer the tube to a gas-jar of water, so that the level of the water inside and outside C can be equalised. Measure the volume of air in C, and note the room temperature and the barometric pressure. The vapour density can now be calculated (see p. 428). NOTE. The above represents the simplest form of Victor Meyer's apparatus. The following modifications may however be applied: (1) A small error is introduced in the above method of working when the stopper S is removed from T in order to admit the bottle B, because water at once enters the lower end of the delivery-tube D and rises slightly above the
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