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4 z8 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY liquid in J: for the latter purpose it is advisable in addition to place a metal or asbestos screen vertically between J and H during the experiment. In the actual determination, the tap E is adjusted to give direct access from D to the open air during the initial boiling of the liquid in J, so that the expanding air in T can readily escape. To determine when the air in T has been heated until no further expansion occurs, equalise the water levels in H and R (H containing a few ml. of air) and then adjust E to give access between the capillary D and the tube H: no change in the level of the water should occur. Now rotate E so that H is open to the air, and raise R so that the water completely fills the tube H up to E. Drop the bottle B containing the weighed liquid into T, and at once replace S and rotate E to give access again from D to H. As the air passes into H, drop R steadily so that the levels remain approximately equal. When no more air passes into H, close H (by rotating E so that D is open to the
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