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QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 429 The Beckmann Thermometer. For determining the depression of the freezing-point, or elevation of the boiling-point, of a solvent when a solute is added, a thermometer is required which measures accurately a small change in temperature, the absolute value in degrees Centigrade of the limits of this change being immaterial. The Beckmann thermometer (Fig. 77(A)) is therefore constructed with a very large mercury bulb so that a change in temperature of a few degrees causes a considerable movement of the mercury in the capillary: consequently the scale S can be so largi that readings to 0-01° can easily be made with the unaided eye. Since this scale S usually covers only 5-6°, it is necessary that the amount of mercury in the bulb should be capable of adjust- ment, so that, irrespective of the actual temper- ature at which the thermometer is being used, the readings will come conveniently on the scale.
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