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430 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY water) so that the mercury in the bulb rises up beyond the scale S and joins up with the mercury at a. Now replace the thermometer in the beaker of water at 7-8 0 C., and when the contraction of the mercury is complete, tap the ther- mometer sharply at R so that the mercury remaining in the upper part of R breaks sharply at the constriction a and falls to 6. Finally place the dry ther- mometer in a boiling-tube containing about 25 ml. of the benzene to be used, and chill the tube in ice-water so that the benzene when stirred with the ther- mometer undergoes partial crystallisation to a semi-solid mass. The temperature recorded by the Beckmann thermometer should now be about i° below the highest point c on the scale S: consequently subsequent depressions of the freezing-point of the benzene on the addition of the solute can now be con- veniently read on the scale S. If, on the other hand, the thermometer has previously been used at some
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