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434 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY is subsequently well covered) and weigh again. Place the thermometer and stirrer in position, and, to save time, dip T directly into some ice- water: stir the solvent occasionally, when crystallisation will soon occur. Remove T from the ice-water, dry it thoroughly, and then stir the semi- solid solvent whilst holding the bottom of T in the hand: directly the last trace of crystals disappears, fit T into the jacket J and assemble the apparatus as shown in Fig. 79. Now stir the solvent in T by moving S up and down slowly and at uniform speed. The temperature of the solvent falls steadily, and ultimately drops slightly below its freezing- point: crystallisation then occurs and the latent heat causes the tem- perature to rise a few degrees, when it then becomes stationary for several minutes. Note the highest temperature reached, maintaining a steady stirring throughout this process. Now remove T and warm it in the hand until all crystals disappear. Repeat the process until
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