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436 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY I 9 2-Dibromoethane dibromide. Also has a very high Constant, but some- times causes association of the solute. It usually gives excellent consistent results. Water. When water is used as a solvent, an ice-salt mixture should be employed for cooling purposes. Glacial Acetic Acid. Acetic acid is very hygroscopic, and its freezing-point is considerably affected by the water absorbed. Satisfactory results cannot be obtained with the apparatus shown in Fig. 79, p. 433, and a specially modified apparatus must be employed (see Nitrobenzene). Example of Calculation. Molecular Weight of Naphthalene in Benzene. Weight o f benzene used .... . 19-40 g. P.P. of benzene . . 5*056, 5-057, 5-057. Mean, 5-057° (i) Weight of first pellet of Naphthalene added, 0-2107 gg. P.P. of solution . . 5-496,* 5*497, 5'497- Mean, 5*497° Depression of F.P. = 0*440° .*. Molecular Weight of naphthalene = = 123 19-40 X 0-440 —— (ii) Weight of second pellet of naphthalene added,
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