Organic 2 Review Problem 455

Organic 2 Review Problem 455 - QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 439...

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Unformatted text preview: QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 439 allow to cool. When quite cold, either remove the contents of the tube with a spatula, or, if this is not possible, break the tube, removing all fragments of glass from the solid camphor. Grind up the camphor in a mortar in order further to ensure a homogeneous mixture, and then fill a melting-point tube precisely as in (i) above. The melting-point is deter- mined precisely as before namely, by first rapidly melting the entire contents of the capillary tube in the melting-point apparatus, allowing to cool until resolidification occurs, and then increasing the temperature very slowly, again noting as the melting-point the temperature at which the last trace of crystalline matter just disappears. Repeat with a further portion of the same material until consistent results are obtained. Molecular Weight of Naphthalene, 128. Then if: g g. of naphthalene in G g. of camphor depress P.P. by tC M 128 g. of naphthalene in ioo g. of camphor depress P.P. by t X 128 X G...
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