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QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 443 6 cm. therefore be rapidly obtained, (b) the determination requires less time, and (c) excellent results can be obtained using 20-50 mg. pellets of the compound the molecular weight of which is being determined. The apparatus (Fig. 82), which is constructed throughout of glass, consists of a pear-shaped bulb A (of about 5 ml. capacity) in which the solution is boiled, and which has a short length of platinum wire fused through its lowest point to assist steady boiling. The bulb A is connected near its base by a curved narrow tube B to a vertical condenser C, and from its apex by a similar tube D, undulating as shown, to the cup E. A larger outer cup F is fused to the lower neck of E as shown. The cup F carries a third cup G which fits inside E, and which subsequently carries a small Beckmann thermometer having a rather narrow bulb. Finally the cup F is connected by a wider tube H to the base of the condenser C. It is essen- tial that when the condenser C is vertical, the tube H slopes
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