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444 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY securely in a vertical position, and connect up the water supply to the condenser. Place sufficient clean mercury in G so that when the Beckmann thermometer is inserted, the bulb is just covered with the mercury and good thermal contact thus ensured: clamp the top of the thermometer, to relieve the cup G of its weight. Using a semi-micro pipette, which should be inserted well down the condenser C, run in a suitable volume (e.g., 5 ml.) of solvent into the apparatus. (The most suitable volume, to ensure steady circulation of the boiling solvent, can readily be found by trial: normally, the cold solvent fills A and B up to about the level L.) Now carefully screen the apparatus from draughts, and heat the platinum wire at the base of A with the small hot flame of a semi-micro Bunsen burner, so that the solvent boils fairly vigorously in A: a stream of boiling solvent interspersed with vapour consequently passes along D, rises upwards through the annular space between E and G, and then descends through the
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