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448 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY should be prepared from CO a -free water* and pure (ethanol-washed) caustic alkali free from carbonate. Weigh out accurately about 2-5 g. of pure powdered succinic acid, transfer to a ioo ml. graduated flask, dissolve in distilled water, make the solution up to the graduation mark and mix well. Now, by means of a pipette, transfer 25 ml. of the solution to a 150 ml. conical flask, add a drop of phenolphthalein solution and titrate with M;z NaOH or KOH solution to obtain consistent results. If the acid had been monobasic, then clearly the molecular weight would be the weight in grams which neutralises iooo ml. of normal alkali solution: the molecular weight of the dibasic succinic acid is the weight which neutralises 2000 ml. of the normal alkali solution. Hence this method, like the preceding silver salt method, presupposes a knowledge of the basicity of the acid concerned: if the basicity is unknown, then only the equivalent weight (i.e., the weight which neutra-
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