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QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 453 If the molecular weight of the aniline is known, the number of amino groups can be calculated: alternatively, if the aniline is known to be a monacidic base, its molecular weight can be calculated. If the molecular weight and the acidity of the aniline are both known, then clearly the method can be used to estimate the amount of aniline in a given sample. The method is general for many primary and secondary amines, aniline being used solely as a typical member of the former class. Proceed precisely as in the Determination of the Number of Hydroxyl Groups in Phenol, except that after weighing the flask A, run in about I ml. of pure aniline, and weigh again. Then continue exactly as before. The acetanilide which is formed usually remains in solution when the contents of the flask A are diluted with water for hydrolysis. Example of Calculation. Weight of aniline used . .. . 1-007 g. Flask A requires
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