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454 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY and shake it thoroughly. Weigh the flask A, run in about 1-5 ml. of pure aniline, and weigh again. Now chill the flask A in ice-water, and then carefully run in 4 ml. of the acetylating mixture, using for this purpose either an accurate burette or (better) a small pipette: unless the aniline is thus kept chilled during the addition, the heat of the reaction may send up a fine spray of the acetylating mixture which will be largely lost. Run 4 ml. of the acetylating mixture also into the control flask B. Fit the flasks to the condensers and heat on the briskly boiling water-baths for 30 minutes, occasionally shaking the contents of the flasks gently around. Then pour about 50 ml. of hot water down each condenser. (In spite of the cooling action of the condenser, the water enters the flask A sufficiently hot to precipitate the acetanilide as an oil, which subsequently forms a suspension of fine crystals: if cold water is added, the acetanilide may separate as a hard crystalline lump, which will
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