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QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 455 Weigh out accurately about 3 g. of the finely powdered aniline hydrochloride on a watch-glass. Place a small funnel (having preferably only a very short stem) in the neck of a ioo ml. graduated flask, and transfer the hydrochloride through the funnel into the flask, pushing the powder if necessary gently down the stem of the funnel with a fine glass rod. Rinse the watch-glass, rod and funnel with distilled water, dissolve the hydrochloride completely, make the solution up to the mark and mix well. Withdraw 20 ml. of the solution with a pipette, and titrate with M 5 NaOH solution, the latter having been prepared by diluting .1/.NaOH solution with CO 2 -free water (see footnote, p. 448). Repeat the titration with a further 20 ml. of the solution to ensure consistent results. Estimation of the Number of Acetyl Groups in an Acetyl Ester. Method. This method is essentially the reverse of the estimation of the number of hydroxyl groups in a polyhydric alcohol by quantitative acetylation
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