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Organic 2 Review - QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 461 polysaccharides which are n on-reducing must first be hydrolysed to rnonosaccharides and the

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QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 461 polysaccharides which are non-reducing must first be hydrolysed to rnono- saccharides, and the estimation carried out on the hydrolysed product. It should be noted that solutions containing about 0-5% of reducing sugar give the most consistent and accurate results, and all sugar solutions should there- fore be made up to approximately this concentration. PREPARATION AND STANDARDISATION OF FEHLING'S SOLUTION. Solution A. Dissolve 17-320 g. of powdered crystalline copper sulphate, CuSO 4 ^H 2 O, in water and make the solution up to 250 ml. in a graduated flask. Solution B. Dissolve 86-5 g. of crystalline sodium potassium tartrate (" Rochelle salt," C 4 H 4 O 6 NaK^H 2 O) in warm water. Dissolve 30 g. of pure sodium hydroxide in water. Mix the tartrate and hydroxide solutions, cool and make up to 250 ml. in a graduated flask. When the Fehling's solution is required, transfer equal volumes of solutions A and B (at room temperature) to a dry flask, and mix thoroughly by shaking. Since however Fehling's solution deteriorates
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