Organic 2 Review Problem 479

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QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 463 . , , . . . 25 x 0-00475 x 250 . 250 ml. of the sugar solution contain g. of the cane 23 ' 4 sugar 0 . . 25 x 0-00475 x 250 x IOO A/ .". Sample contains % cane sugar 23*4 X 1-310 = 96*8% cane sugar. NOTE. The use of methylene-blue has been recommended to mark more accurately the complete reduction of Fehling's solution by a reducing sugar. This indicator is prepared by dissolving i g. of powdered methylene-blue in water and diluting to 500 ml. It is used as an internal indicator, a few drops of the methylene-blue solution being added to the Fehling's solution just before reduction is complete. The end-point is indicated by the disappear- ance of the methylene-blue colour, the dye being reduced to a colourless substance immediately an excess of sugar is present. The use of this indicator enables a sharper end-point to be obtained, and its use is specially recommended if the titratlons have to be carried out by artificial light. Estimation
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