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466 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY algebraically, the signs being taken into account) to the deflection of the inter- mediate swing to the right; the result is the rest-point of the balance. Thus if the swings are -47, 4-40, -45, the rest-point is 0-6 of a large division on the left of the zero mark on the pointer-scale (i.e., - 6). The rest-point of the balance need not be exactly at the zero mark on the pointer-scale but it should not be more than one large scale division off. If necessary, adjustment should be made with the screws at the ends of the balance beam. For determining the sensitivity of the balance, the rider is now moved to the i mg. notch on the beam (i.e., the first large beam division), the balance pans being, without load. The balance is set swinging and the rest-point again determined, as described above; it will now. of course, have moved further to the left. If it is now -48 (i.e., ~4'8 laige divisions), then the sensitivity is -48 -( -6) = -42 units of deflection per mg. when the balance is unloaded.
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