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QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 467 on the notch above the weight of the object, and a similar-sized deflection to the left (the original rest position of the balance still being -f 4 units) had been obtained, then the mean deflection would have been - 21 units, corres- ponding to a weight of -ff = - 0-5(6) mg., and this would have to be sub- tracted from the weight indicated on the pan and rider. Thus the weight of the object would be 18-54 g. + 0-007 g. - 0-0005(6) g. = 18-5464(4) g. Conclusion. It is unnecessary to correct the weight of the object for the original rest-point of the balance where only weighings by difference are being carried out, unless there has been an actual change in the rest- point over the period during which the weighings have been made; this is very unlikely to happen if the balance is properly situated and functioning correctly. Any necessary correction, derived from the calibration of the weights, should, however, be applied where, as usually happens, the weights on the pan are not identical at the initial and
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