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QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 47 1 »V any grease reaching the uncovered portion of the tap where it may attract dirt, or be wiped off during weighing or otherwise change the weight of the tube. The taps are, in effect, hollow stoppers having at the side a small hole of approximately the same bore as the side-arms of the absorption tube (cf. T 4 , Fig. 86). A small plug of glass wool is inserted into the tube which is then filled nearly to the end with perchlorate and topped with a second plug of glass wool. The second tap is then greased and inserted; both taps are kept closed when the tube is not in use. It is important that the same end of the water absorption tube is always attached to the beak of the combustion tube so that the oxygen always flows through in the same direction, and absorption takes place evenly from one end. After some absorption has taken place it is easy to recog- nise the " absorbing end " as the perchlorate contracts from the sides of the tube and congeals. In order to label the absorbing end previous to this indication,
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