Organic 2 Review Problem 493

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QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 477 The boat is then transferred to the balance pan (narrow-ended meta tweezers are most suitable for this purpose) and weighed: the weight of the empty boat should never vary by more than o-i mg. during its working life. The boat is transferred to the grooved block (removed from the desiccator) and 20-25 mg. of the sample to be analysed are then transferred to it. This is best carried out using a very small, narrow- ended spatula, and it is essential that only a small amount of material is put in the boat at a time—the 20-25 m g* should be transferred in several operations. The boat is then gripped firmly with the tweezers and carefully tapped on the aluminium block; this serves to remove any small particles of substance that may possibly be adhering to the outside of the boat and also to settle the charge of substance thinly and evenly along the whole length of the boat. The face and groove of the block are then carefully wiped with a polishing cloth. The boat is trans-
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