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480 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY it distils out and forms a ring round the combustion tube and finally a clearly visible drop of liquid on the floor of the tube. The boat is carefully heated bright red-hot throughout its length to ensure that any particles of carbon left by partial combustion are completely burned away in the stream of oxygen. Care should be taken not to heat too rapidly when the boat is reached or the substance is rapidly vaporised, may catch fire, and a flash-back result. As the burner approaches the far end of the boat, the drop of partially burnt material will move slowly down the tube in front of it. As the material approaches the silver gauze at the furnace mouth it is being driven forward into a heated zone, instead of a cold one as previously, and its rate of progress is slowed down; this means that the chance of the Bunsen catching up the material with the consequent danger of a "flash-back" is increased, and great care should be taken. During the whole of the passage of the
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