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484 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY the rubber tubing. The purpose of B is to act as a trap for any droplets of liquid that may be carried over in the gas stream from the generator A. The tube B is placed horizontally (i.e., so that T 1 and the tube D are in the same horizontal plane—an arrangement which cannot be adequately indicated in Fig. 87): its further end is attached by a very tight-fitting rubber bung C to the end of the combustion tube D. This end of the capillary is drawn out into a beak 2-5 mm. long and 4 mm. in external diameter. Combustion tube. This tube D is made of transparent silica or hard glass (50 cm. long and i cm. in diameter) and is provided at the right-hand end with a short, fine beak (3 cm. long, ca. 5 mm. in external diameter). The packing of the tube is considered in detail below. The tube carries at the left-hand end a small square of asbestos board L which prevents the heat of the Bunsen used during combustion from affecting the rubber bung C. The furnace.
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