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QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 485 T t for attachment to the angle tube F. The tap T, may have a length of glass rod fused to it so that it is capable of fine adjustment. The lower (internal) end of the capillary tube G is bent downwards and is also drawn out very slightly. The main stem of the nitrometer widens into a bulb and then narrows to form a graduated tube. The usual graduation is of 8 ml. in 0-02 ml. divisions. The graduations continue to the tap T 3 at the top of the stem. Above T 3 there is a small reservoir H to prevent splashing of the concentrated alkali when gas is expelled from the nitrometer and also to ensure that a small excess of potash is left as a liquid seal above the tap T 3 . Clean dry mercury is first put into the nitrometer till it has just reached the bottom of the side-arm G. 50% Aqueous potassium hydroxide is then run into the reservoir J until the whole of the nitrometer is filled, and a little liquid has passed through the tap T 3 into the reservoir H above. The bulb J should
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