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486 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY spiral is to reduce any oxides of nitrogen that may be formed in the course of tht combustion. The main danger in this respect is the formation of nitric oxide. This, like nitrogen, is a neutral gas and is not absorbed by the potash in the nitrometer; every molecule of nitrogen derived from the original sample being estimated could form two molecules of nitric oxide, thus more than the theo- retical volume of gas would be collected and high results would be obtained. This occurs to a marked extent with nitro-compounds and the reduced copper spiral may then be exhausted far more rapidly than usual. The temporary filling of the combustion tube D is now inserted; this is in part replaced after every combustion. Sufficient "wire-form" copper oxide is added so that it just emerges to the left of the furnace E when the tube (not including the beak) is protruding 10-15 mm. at the beak end; this constitutes the main oxidative packing of the tube. This is followed by 25 mm. of M.A.R.
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