Organic 2 Review Problem 503

Organic 2 Review - Q UANTITATIVE A NALYSIS 487 packing t hat has p rovided the oxygen necessary for the c ombustion to take place It is essential

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QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 487 packing that has provided the oxygen necessary for the combustion to take place. It is essential that this spent "wire-form" copper oxide is removed and a little more of the oxide beyond it, but it is not necessary to remove all the ''wire-form" copper oxide on each occasion. The tube filling is replenished by adding fresh "wire-form" copper oxide until the packing would just protrude from the furnace if the tube (not including the beak) protruded about 10-15 mm, at the far end of the furnace. When adding the fine "powder-form" copper oxide to the combustion tube it is an advantage to have the tube clamped loosely upright, the beak end resting on the bench. The powder is then added through a small glass funnel, part of whose stem has been cut off, the resulting butt end just fitting into the wide end of the combustion tube. A layer of 25 mm. of "powder-form" copper oxide is now added. Its purpose is twofold; first of all to prevent any particles of the analysis
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