Organic 2 Review Problem 510

Organic 2 Review - 4 94 P RACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY flask The acid should be poured straight into the b ulb without touching the sides unless any

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494 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY flask. The acid should be poured straight into the bulb without touching the sides unless any of the nitrogenous sample has adhered to the walls of the flask, in which case the acid may be used to wash the particles down into the bulb of the digestion flask. The loose stopper is now inserted into the flask with the drawn-off end downwards. The mixture is heated over the micro-burner so that the solution boils gently for 5 minutes, the heating is then increased so that the solution boils vigorously, and digestion continued for a further 45 minutes; the liquid should then be colourless. Many substances will have been decomposed quantitatively on shorter heating but the above period should suffice for all substances for which the method is suitable; the vigorous heating should in no circumstances be continued for longer than 45 minutes. As well as this Kjeldhal flask, another should be put on to digest at the same time, prepared in exactly the same way except that approximately 30 mg. of A.R. glucose (only
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