Organic 2 Review Problem 511

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QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 495 when the digestion in L is complete, the Bunsen burner is replaced under the steam-generator A and the tap on the tap-funnel C, and taps T 2 and T 3 closed; as steam is generated it is allowed to pass out of the steam-trap through T 1 . A steady stream of water is now passed through the condenser. Exactly 20 ml. of a freshly mixed solution of 40% sodium hydroxide* and 40% sodium sulphide are run into the funnel G. (The 40% alkali and 40% sulphide solu- tions are made up in bulk and freshly mixed in the proportion of 9 vols. of alkali to i vol. of sulphide as required.) The tap T 3 is opened and the alkali run into the bulb F. The tap is then closed and the funnel washed carefully round with a fine jet of distilled water; when washing is complete, T 3 is opened and the wash-water allowed to run into F. The process is then repeated—the total washings being not more than 5-10 ml. Tap T 8 is then left closed. 10 Ml. of saturated boric acid solution are poured into J which is then adjusted (seting
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