Organic 2 Review Problem 512

Organic 2 Review - 496 P RACTICAL O RGANIC CHEMISTRY burner This prevents any considerable increase in the volume of liquid in the b ulb F due to

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496 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY burner. This prevents any considerable increase in the volume of liquid in the bulb F due to steam condensation. If too great a volume of liquid collects in F, the chance of minute droplets of concentrated sodium hydroxide splashing over into the receiver is much increased, and very small quantities of this alkaline liquid will introduce very large errors. The steam-distillation is continued for 5 minutes after steam can first be seen entering the condenser; the ideal rate of distillation is about 4-5 ml. of distillate per minute, but this is not critical and may be varied within reasonable limits. The receiver J is then lowered from the Hp K of the condenser and the steam-distillation continued for a further two minutes, thus ensuring that no traces of liquid containing ammonia are left on the inside of the condenser. At the end of this time any liquid on the Hp K is rinsed with distilled water into J, which is then ready for titration. It is important that the receiver and its contents are kept
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