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498 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY inserting a glass spiral into the receiver in order to increase the length of path the iodide must traverse. Apparatus. The apparatus is made of Pyrex glass, in one piece. It consists of a shaped bulb A (Fig. 89) of about 30 ml. capacity in which the reaction takes place, provided with an inclined inlet B at the side and a vertical ascension tube D. B serves not only as an inlet for the admission of the carrier gas but also as the route by which the reagents and test sample are introduced into the apparatus. B ends in a small ground-glass joint into which fits a joint carrying a capillary- tube which projects well down into the bulb A (the end of the capillary should be just above the liquid level when the apparatus is charged for the deter- mination). The upper extension of this capillary beyond the joint is provided with a tap C to control the rate of flow of the carrier gas. CO
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