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QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 501 gen iodide begins to boil. The mixture is kept boiling gently for 40 minutes. At the end of this period the vessel K containing the spiral J is lowered from the tube H, which is then rinsed inside and out with small quantities of distilled water from a wash-bottle provided with a fine nozzle; these washings are caught in K. Titration. The contents of the receiver K (Fig. 89, p. 498) are then washed quantitatively into a 25 ml. conical flask containing io ml. of 20% sodium acetate solution; the sodium acetate/acetic acid is present in order to buffer the hydrobromic acid formed in Equation 2 ( b ) below. (It is an advantage to have these conical flasks provided with ground-in stoppers; alternatively, well-fitting dry rubber bungs can be used. In the latter case the flasks should be swirled well rather than shaken so that the liquid does not touch the rubber.) To destroy the excess of bromine, two drops of formic acid (not less than 80% concentration) are now added and the solution shaken; if necessary,
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