Organic 2 Review Problem 518

Organic 2 Review - SO2 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY T I x 38-10 x ioo TT ioo g of vanillin contain g CH3O group 240,000 x 0-02445 = 20-1 M ethoxyl

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SO 2 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY . TI x 38-10 x ioo -, TT _ .'. ioo g. of vanillin contain g. CH 3 O group 240,000 x 0-02445 = 20-1% Methoxyl Group. Theoretical for C 8 H 8 O 8 ; 20-4% CH 3 O. Alternatively, since Molecular Weight of vanillin is 152-1, 31 x 38-10 X 152-1 152-1 g. vanillin contain g. CH 3 O group. 240,000 X 0-02445 (Wdght CH 3 O = 31) 38-10 x 152-1 ^ CH 3 O group 240,000 x 0-02445 0-99 CH 3 O group. Substances suitable for the estimation: vanillin, veratrole. Estimation of Halogens Two simple methods for the semi-micro estimation of halogens are available, (a) the Carius method, and ( b ) the Parr "bomb" method. It should be emphasised that there are other methods available for these estimations on the true micro scale, but they do not lend them- selves, by virtue of the balances, apparatus and manipulation required, to semi-micro work, or to the intermittent usage which class-work necessarily entails. The
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