Organic 2 Review Problem 520

Organic 2 Review - P RACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY furnace The temperature should be increased to 280 over a period of ca 45 minutes and then

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PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY furnace. The temperature should be increased to 280° over a period of ca. 45 minutes, and then maintained at this value for a further 4 hours. Then turn off the heating, and allow the tube to cool for several hours, and when possible overnight. Opening the Carius tube. A considerable pressure will remain in the cold tube, and the precautions described in detail on p. 421 for open- ing the tube must be observed. (It is sufficient here to emphasise again that the tip of the Carius tube, whilst the latter is still in the iron tube, is cautiously heated with a small Bunsen flame until the glass softens and the gases blow out through a hole in the tip. The top of the tube is then cut off, taking precautions to ensure that no fragments of glass fall inside the tube.) Collecting the silver halide. Meanwhile assemble the apparatus shown in Fig. 91. G is a filter-funnel having a sintered glass filter-plate H. The stem of G fits through the bung J to the filter-flask as shown. A bent tube K, known
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