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SIMPLE ENZYME REACTIONS Enzyme Pancreatic lipase *Plant lipase 'Diastase (or amylase) •Ptyalin Maltase •Invertase (sucrase) *Emulsin (3-glycosidase) Zymase (a mixture) Carboxylase Pepsinf *Trypsint (a mixture) *Urease •Aldehyde oxidase *Peroxidase Catalase Carbonic anhydrase Origin pancreas seeds rich in oil, e.g. castor oil seeds liver, etc., malt saliva pancreas, small intes- tine, yeast small intes- tine, yeast almond nuts yeast yeast stomach duodenum soya bean, jack bean milk horseradish, turnips, milk living tissues of plants and animals red blood corpuscles Substrate fats and other or- ganic esters » » starch (amylum) » » maltose sucrose (3-glucosides d- glucose, /-fructose keto-acids proteins proteins, peptones, polypeptides urea aldehydes activates H 2 O 2 and a suitable substrate, e.g.,
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Unformatted text preview: aniline hydrogen peroxide carbonic acid Products organic acid and alcohol (often gly-ceroi) maltose and dextrin glucose glucose and fructose glucose and a non-car-bohydrate alcohol . CO 2 and small quantities of glyceroJ aldehvdes and CO 2 peptones amino-acids ammonium carbonate fatty acid quinone-imine dyes, induline, mauveine, aniline-black H 2 O and in-active mole-cular O, CO, and H,O Optimum PH 7-0 5'0 6-0 (liver) 5-2 (malt) 6-7 6- J (gut) 66 (yeast) 6-2 (gut) 4-8 (yeast) 4-I-4-5 4-5-6-5 4-8 i'4 8-n 7-2-7-9 approx. 70 4'5 varies with substrate 7-0 6-8 Practical directions provided. t Secreted as inactive precursor....
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