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512 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY ACTION OF LIPASE ON CASTOR OIL. Remove the shells from i g. of the seeds* (about 5) and then grind up the latter thoroughly in a mortar. Add a few ml. of water and work into a paste. Proceed in this way adding a few ml. at a time until in all 25 ml. of water have been added. If this has been done thoroughly, a cream of uniform consistency will be obtained. Using a small measuring-cylinder, transfer 10 ml. of the lipase cream to each of two boiling-tubes A and B. Then using a i ml. pipette, add exactly i ml. of Mio acetic acid to each and mix well: this activates the enzyme. Boil the contents of B for 2 minutes in order to destroy the enzyme, then place both tubes in a water-bath maintained at 40°, shaking well from time to time. After 45 minutes remove the tubes, cool, add 2 drops of phenolphthaiein to each and titrate with M/io sodium hydroxide solution. It will be found that more alkali is required to neutralise the acid in A than in B, showing that acid has been produced by
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