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SIMPLE ENZYME REACTIONS 515 In order to obtain an extract containing zymase, more complex methods of treatment must be employed. HYDROLYSIS OF CANE SUGAR. Dissolve io g. of cane sugar in water and make up to approxi- mately i oo ml. Label three boiling-tubes A, B and C, and in them place the following: (A) 20 ml. of sugar solution and 2 ml. of the invertase solution obtained above. (B) io ml. of sugar solution and i ml. of the invertase solution which has previously been boiled thoroughly for 2-3 minutes. (C) io ml. of sugar solution, i ml. of the invertase solution, and i ml. of 10% NaOH solution. Mix each solution well and place the boiling-tubes in a water-bath maintained at 50°. After io minutes, transfer i ml. of each of the reaction mixtures to separate test-tubes, add 2 ml. of Fehling's solution to each and boil. A marked reduction is obtained in A*, no reduction is obtained in B, and no reduction or only very slight reduction is obtained in C. This shows that the activity of the invertase is destroyed both
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