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SIMPLE ENZYME REACTIONS 517 latter through a small Buehner funnel, wash with alcohol and then ether, and dry in a vacuum desiccator. HYDROLYSIS OF SALICIN BY EMULSIN. Salicin is a colourless crystalline substance, soluble in water. It does not reduce Fehling's solution nor does it give a coloration with ferric chloride. On hydrolysis with emulsin, glucose and salicyl alcohol are produced: the former reduces Fehling's solution and the latter gives a violet coloration with ferric chloride, By gentle wanning, dissolve 5 g. of salicin in ioo ml. of water con- tained in a 250 ml. conical flask. Add about 20 ml. of the emulsin solution as prepared above or 0-2-0-3 g. of the solid enzyme prepara- tion,* mix well and place the flask in a water-bath maintained at 45°, Shake the mixture well from time to time and at the end of about 30 minutes transfer i ml. to a test-tube, cool and add ferric chloride solution: a violet coloration is produced. Also boil i ml. of the reaction mixture with Fehling's solution and note the reduction. At the end of about an hour,f filter the solution and transfer 20
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