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522 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY oxide alone does, in fact, oxidise a given substrate slowly and feebly, but on adding the enzyme the reaction is not only accelerated, but appears to have its course altered and thus gives rise to entirely different end-products. An interesting example of this is shown by aniline, which under certain conditions is oxidised by hydrogen peroxide alone to azobenzene, azoxybenzene and nitrobenzene: in the presence of peroxidase, however, entirely different substances are produced, viz., a quinone-imine dye, an induline, a mauveine and aniline-black. Other substances can activate hydrogen peroxide, for example, ferrous iron (P- 352)- The products however are usually less well defined and different from those obtained when using peroxidase. Isolation of Peroxidase. The activity of the specimen isolated will depend largely upon the extent and thoroughness of the extraction. By following the details outlined below, a specimen of peroxidase sufficiently active for all ordinary purposes is obtained. Cut the tops off some turnips, wash the latter if necessary and then
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