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SIMPLE ENZYME REACTIONS 523 With the aid of a small pipette or a fine-bore dropping-tube (Fig. 30, p. 60), add about 4 drops of the filtered enzyme solution to the amine acetate solution. Using another dropping-tube add i drop of "20 volume" hydrogen peroxide solution and shake well. Note the colour change which takes place. The rate of colour change will depend upon the activity of the enzyme preparation. The changes enumerated below are usually, however, easily observable. Aniline. Purple, gradually turning brown. A brown precipitate on standing. o-Toluidine. Transient green, deep blue and then a deep blue precipitate. Usually a very fast reaction. m-Toluidine. Reddish-purple, gradually darkening. p-Toluidine. Orange-red, then a deep blood red: finally a red precipitate is formed. i-Naphthylamine. Opalescent indigo blue. 2-Naphthylamine. Brown solution with a very slight pale blue fluorescence. Monomethylaniline.
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