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APPENDIX PREPARATION OF REAGENTS Throughout this book, the reagents referred to, unless otherwise stated, have been prepared as described below. ACIDS. ACETIC ACID, DILUTE. Approx. ^M. Dilute 230 mi. of glacial acetic acid with water until total volume is i litre. HYDROCHLORIC ACID, DILUTE, i vol. of cone. HCl to 3 vols. of water. NITRIC ACID, DILUTE, i vol. of cone. HNO 3 to io vols. of water. SULPHURIC ACID, DILUTE, i vol. of cone. H 2 SO 4 to 8 vols. of water. SULPHUROUS ACID. Water saturated with SO 2 . BASES. AMMONIUM HYDROXIDE SOLUTION, DILUTE, i vol. of cone, ammonia (J, o-88o) to 3 vols. of water. POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE, ALCOHOLIC. Boil under reflux a mixture of io g. of powdered KOH and ioo ml. of rectified spirit for 30 minutes. Cool and if solid material remains, decant through a filter of glass- wool. SODIUM HYDROXIDE, io% AQUEOUS, ioo g. NaOH dissolved in water, and the cold solution diluted to i litre. SODIUM HYDROXIDE, 30% AQUEOUS. As above, using 300 g. NaOH. SALTS. BARIUM CHLORIDE. io% solution, i.e., ioo g. of BaCl
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