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APPENDIX 525 MERCUROUS NITRATE. 5% solution of HgNO 3 ,H 2 O. POTASSIUM IODIDE. 10% solution. POTASSIUM PERMANGANATE. i% solution. SILVER NITRATE. 2% solution. SODIUM BISULPHITE.* Dissolve 600 g. of NaHSO 3 in water, make up to i litre and pass in SO 2 for a few minutes to ensure absence of Na 2 SO 8 . SODIUM CARBONATE. 20% solution of Na 2 CO 3 ,ioH 2 O. SODIUM HYPOBROMITE. Dissolve 200 g. of NaOH in water, make up to i litre, chill in ice-water, and slowly add 50 ml. of bromine with stirring. SODIUM HYPOCHI^QPITE. 2,M. This may be prepared with sufficient accuracy by ^dissolving ioo g. of NaOH in 200 ml. of water IP a large beaker, cooling the solution, and then adding about 500 g. of crushed ice. Now counterpoise the beaker on a rough set of scales, and pass in chlorine from a cylinder until an increase in weight of 72 g. is obtained. Make up the solution to i litre and stir well. The solution must be kept in a cool dark place, but even then slowly decomposes. SODIUM NITROPRUSSIDE. Dissolve a few crystals in water as required.
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