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526 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY A and B. Fehling's solution should be prepared only in sufficient quantity for immediate needs, as it slowly deteriorates on standing, while Solutions A and B keep almost indefinitely. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. " io volumes" solution (as purchased). IODINE SOLUTION. Cold saturated aqueous solution. (If a more concentrated solution is required, add i g. of powdered iodine to a solution of 2 g. of potassium iodide in a minimum of water, and dilute the solution to ioo ml.) I-NAPHTHOL, ETHANOLIC, i%. Dissolve i g. of i-naphthol in methylated spirit and make up to ioo ml. with spirit. I-NAPHTHOL, ETHANOLIC, 20%. As above, using 20 g. of i- naphthol. SCHIFF'S REAGENT. Dissolve i g. of rosaniline in 50 ml. of water with gentle warming. Cool, saturate with SO 2 , add about i g. of animal charcoal, shake and filter: make up to i litre with water. If the pink colour reappears on standing, add a few drops of SO 2 - water carefully with stirring until the colour just disappears. 2,4-DlNlTROPHENYLHYDRAZiNE.
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