Organic 2 Review Problem 543

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APPENDIX 527 Bottles of the following: Acriflavine Emulsion (in quantity). Savlon Antiseptic (aqueous solution). Lime-water (in quantity). 2% Iodine solution. i% Boric acid. i% Acetic acid. 8% Sodium bicarbonate solution (i.e., saturated in the cold). i% Sodium bicarbonate solution. Amyl nitrite capsules. Burns. Whatever the cause of the burn or scald, e.g., flames, hot metal, hot liquid, acids, caustic alkalis, etc.: (1) Remove any smouldering or acid/alkali-soaked clothing. (2) Thoroughly and profusely wash the burnt area with cold tap water. (3) Gently dry with a clean (or preferably sterile) towel or cotton wool. (4) Cover burnt or scalded area with sterile dressing. (5) Transfer patient to hospital or doctor for consideration of further treatment (a course of anti-tetanus toxoid is frequently indicated if the patient is not already immunised, i.e., has had a full course of booster doses of ATT within the last five years). Minor
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