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528 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY No attempt should be made to remove imbedded glass. This is a hazardous procedure and should be left to a doctor—more damage can result if attempted by someone not skilled in this technique. Soreness which may follow very minor accidents to the eye may be relieved by placing i drop of castor oil in the corner of the eye. CUTS Minor —wash thoroughly with soap or disinfectant and water until absolutely clean. Apply sterile dressing. For more serious cuts, where bleeding is profuse, apply pressure with a thick sterile (or at least clean) pad, dressing, or towel over the area. If an artery is spurting, try to minimise bleeding by applying pressure immediately above and below the cut. If glass is still thought to be present in the cut, wash thoroughly before applying pressure. If bleeding is profuse, the application of pressure to prevent bleeding is more important than the removal of the glass. In all cases the patient should be transferred to hospital or to a
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